Are surplus/disused L-band antennas available?

I’m looking for a patch antenna similar to the ones used for the old L-band service - to use in another application. Are these, or similar ones still available anywhere? If not, is anyone (US based) willing to part with theirs?


I think I might have a couple. I was planning to see if I could use the with an LNA to receive for the GEOS WX. I am based in FL

Thanks; I already have a full original Dreamcatcher on the way, but I would definitely like to still get one of the active L-band antennas that were sold standalone. If that’s what you have, please let me know.

Hi NCJSAY - - I have an active L-band antenna you can have. Just pay for the mailing, and it’s yours. I’ll contact you by message. Ken

OK, thanks Ken! Standing by.

OK - - check my message and do it now, and I’ll put it in the mail on Wednesday. Ken