Are you a ham? Stand up and be counted

PE1CHL qth JO22NB receiver is on hamnet at (

Well, after flashing it to Skylark I had to remove it from hamnet because it no longer is usable for visitors…
I hope this is fixed soon!


GRID: FM17hm
GEAR: Outernet Kit
HINT: Pine cones do not make the most stable antenna support but I had to make it work day 1 and did.

VK2ZAZ Geoff located at QF53av using home made setup with RPI3
and have just added the Outernet C.H.I.P. kit as a comparison - great!

Mitaka, Tokyo (PM95sq)

Phil G4JVF near Chesterfield Derbyshire UK

Doug WA3ZHG from Mountville,PA FN10sb

YD0PIW, Grid OI33KU, 73

VK1DSH, Canberra QF44MS
Outernet system works well, it’s a great idea! Hope to see lots more interesting content.
73 Dale

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EM64pu, Northern Alabama, USA.

Using Outernet on a Pi3 and contemplating its future. Is Pi3 going to become unsupported? Should I invest in a CHIP? Questions…questions… :slight_smile:

ZL3TJ in Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Ben,

Visit this thread for RPi 3. Librarian supported it but it will fade away as only Skylark supported.

Yeah, currently Skylark needs a CHIP to run.

I made my decision - ordered a CHIP yesterday. Looks like delivery will be sometime down the road - promised “1STQ 2017.” :slight_smile:

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Digital satellite projects, packet ax.25, pacsats ect… Inmarsat MiniM/Gan . Multiple M4 Terminals
Commercial and Industrial applications VSAT remote region application and industrial environments
expierence over last 30 years satcom…

Hello all!

Location EM28TU
Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area, USA.



73s de Bob

KF4JQB – Maritime Mobile QTH: Langkawi, Malaysia
Received package yesterday Outernet-in-a-Box.
Will be setting it up and give it a go.
Looking for coverage crossing the Indian Ocean.
Cheers - 73s
de Jim

Just passed the general and technician test last weekend. No call sign yet. Location: EN82ln

congratulations!! :slight_smile:
I passed the Australian “Novice” test waaaay back in Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Six :slight_smile:
I have had a lot of fun since then :slight_smile:
I hold a UK “Full Call” these days
73’s Neil