Are you a ham? Stand up and be counted

Frank Krizan, K5HS
Garland, TX USA

KG5KMA standing up

N4HY em97vf

73 de DL1MFU

Soon to be on in VK6…!

73 de Roland, DF3LZ from Hamburg



Loc: IO83ME
Saltney, North Wales

:pig::radio: Ki7HdA
Grid Square: CN88wb
Washington State, USA
Just ordered the Kit

Stephen Michael Kellat
Ashtabula, Ohio

Larry Springsteen
El Paso, TX
I just started chasing my tail with Outernet

Kit came today… A little over a week after the order.

Using an iPad USB transformer for power. I plugged it in and clicked the power button in the CHIP.

I gave a WAG (wild guess) at the sat position (due South and up about 30-40 degrees).

Found a chromebook to log into the CHIP. Logged in as “outernet”. Clicked around for a minute. Found the “Tuner” app. Clicked that and noticed I was getting no packets… clicked the Satellite and it was pre-selected to ASIA. Clicked US/North America. BAM! 7-9DB. Packets are downloading.

An now the waiting begins… for there to be enough packets to look at something.

Just got my setup yesterday, and after finding a better power supply this morning, have it set up in a south facing window, happily receiving packets. Pretty nifty!

Mark K6HX

I’ve gone back to my old call: KR1ZAN
Had K5HS for a couple of years, and, discovered no one knew me anymore, plus just as many LoTW logging errors by others as before.

Enjoying experimenting and promoting Outernet.

Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN
Garland, TX

Hello all HAMs out there from G8NOP. My name is Pip
Very enthusiastic having discovered only the first few bits of what i can do with Outernet. Potentially awesome.


location: Bangalore,India

K6ON , Trustee for W6DOJ

Mark Hall, KE5LIB. QTH: Mounds, Oklahoma, USA. Grid square EM25au.
Would like to explore using/receiving RTTY with Outernet with Teletype
machines and computer. Anyone else into heavy metal, as in Model 15
and 28 Teletypes?

Hello Frank! Greetings and 73 de KE5LIB from north of you in Oklahoma!
Interested in RTTY with Outernet.