AREDN Network Integration with Othernet

@VE3SP How is the Othernet broadcast replacing a terrestrial mesh network? How does it integrate into an AREDN network?

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@Syed thanks for your question. Although it maybe a bit of a loaded question and a question outside of my pay grade.

I expect we understand the fundamentals, the purpose of an amateur radio emergency data network (AREDN). It is to provide typical Internet or intranet programs to people who need to communicate across a wide area during an emergency or community event.

The types of program that can operate across a peer-to-peer TCP/IP network and RFare needed during emergency. They are typically use to communicate with each other in the course of compromised communication network at the time of natural disasters…

This may include keyboard-to-keyboard chat, email messages with images and attachments, file transfer, collaborative document sharing, VoIP phone service, video conferencing, GPS tracking, surveillance camera streaming, computer aided dispatch, deployed resource management, weather station reporting, sensor monitoring and control, repeater linking, and many other similar services.

Basic on a few (12) presentation viewed about Outernet // Othernet circa 2013 by yourself as the Founder (8:44/26:37) Syed Karim, KD9GII and (COO) Thane Richards presentations I’m still trying to peace it all together.

IMHO, with that all said and maybe redundant, some of the tools within the othernet interface can be used and some other voids exist. The Othernet user model may change in the future, so time will tell.

We understand Othernet broadcast messages when DMR sms are sent and include the subject in the text. This use of Radio, News, Weather, etc can be used during an emergency.

@Syed knowing the bigger picture of the OtherNet you might have some clarification or suggestions how our community might benefit or utilize this tool?

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Thanks for what you’ve created.

how did you brand it :: OtherNet or Othernet ? because my typing of the word in this message may be wrong.

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[ as of 18Feb2021 we know the Othernet network is down for a month(s) with maintenance / upgrades, so it’s all on hold until ]

Are you looking at deploying an Othernet system onto an ARDEN MESH network, so that anyone on the network can access the content of that Othernet computer? That seems like the best case scenario for it. That way anyone can access the news feeds, wikipedia entries downloaded etc. on the ARDEN network.

I would be interested to see if there are other ways in can be integrated, but that seems like a simple yet effective setup configuration.


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Hello Chris, sorry for my delayed reply as I was busy with other projects.

So the development to including the “broadcast” of the Othernet system is expected to be similar to other IP tools. The integration is unclear as having the two together is unknown and have not found anyone else working on this project. The Mesh start was from (BBHM, HAMnet, AREDN) and [pre“EricM SK”-Local-Comment]

The current AREDN-Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network is not active as 2021, two (5g) dishes and Nano’s sit in the center of the city (DVP - 401) and unused until we have a working Othernet. [ 2021 February- March is down for Maintenance ]

Once active it will then be deployed on the ubiquiti equipment with other devices like VoIP or other IP tools.

It’s all a humbling and a learning process.

It is my belief that this “Othernet” is a wonderful tool to incorporate into a MESH network topology.

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