Armbian for Dreamcatcher

First Armbian image for Dreamcatcher is up on archive:

Instructions are in the same folder. Report problems, requests etc in this thread.

More documents can be found at:


Abhishek well done on getting a Armbian Image out for Outernet Dreamcatcher…

I have been running Orange Pi’s with armbian and Openelec for over a year with amazing success and satisfaction…

Outernet,Armbian, APRS, Raspberry PI, Kodi, and RTL-SDR, are my favorite projects.

Will i be able to run the Dreamcatcher software on other Armbian Images ie the Orange Pi ONE Armbian Image or the Orange Pi PC Armbian Image?

@seasalt: the current Armbian image is just a base armbian/debian - same as what you use on the Orange Pi or other boards. Plain debian. There is currently no outernet-satellite-service-specific feature in it, and cannot (out of the box) be used to receive Outernet signal right now. Watch for updates on that front over the next few days, though!

The Armbian image can for example be used together with the reverse-engineered gnuradio outernet module that was released a while ago.

Additionally, its a very convenient way to play around with rtl-sdr, compared to (for example) hooking up RPI + Rtl-sdr3 etc manually. Checkout the simple ADS-B tutorial I wrote yesterday:

Howto - ADS-B reception on Dreamcatcher

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Image updated. Now has support for gadget serial (usb serial port emulation) over microusb. This is the easiest way to do initial setup - no need to have a usb-uart dongle.

Once you have configured the wifi and discovered its IP (by logging in over usb-serial emulation), the board can of course directly be accessed over SSH.

@Abhishek Just to clarify, is the Armbian build currently the only option for those of us who recently ordered a Dreamcatcher? The Skylark build is only for the CHIP boards? I’m just wondering what to expect once my Dreamcatcher arrives. My understanding is that all the “Outernet stuff” remains to be compiled for Armbian. Thanks for all of your hard work on the software builds. I’ll be happy to test and submit issues via Github, if that is of interest, once I receive the hardware.

Correct. Right now theres only Armbian for the Dreamcatcher board.

“Outernet stuff” for this will come over the next few days. There are some significant changes coming on the Outernet side of things.

So if I am to understand this.

The current Dreamcatcher Board at this instance is basically a arm allwinner 13 board on which the Armbian Alwinner 10 or Armbian allwinner 20 image will work.

For the immediate future Users will then be required to log into the board and install additional programs using “sudo apt-get install xxxapplication” in order to get the Skylark apps working and activate the receiver capability.

Does this mean we can use other armbian images for other boards and still load Skylark apps.

I think he is going to release an updated image, but what you are talking about would be nice.

I agree.


Great tutorial. I fed your instructions into my OrangePiPC2 running Armbian. Worked great

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thanks for the report! Besides Outernet reception, what else would be of interest as a tutorial and/or apt-get-able package?

I am trying to put together a bunch of packages and tutorials for Dreamcatcher that would add value.

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Does the dreamcatcher have power on one of the rf ports that could
support an lna (like nooelec for immarsat, or an ads-b amplified antenna)?

yes, there is a software-switchable bias-tee on the LNA_BYPASS rf port.

FM broadcast receive would be a nice demo - linear or sdr# type dealie. Would likely need a different antenna but…

Board arrived today and is up and running, but no Skylark :frowning: I agree that an apt install skylark would be ideal (if not a complete flashable image at some point). Flashing an SD with Etcher is so much easier than what seems to be the procedure for the CHIP version. Progress!


FM reception Howto posted on


Instead headphones the FM music can played via the on board 1.4W audio amplifier, just need to hook up a speaker to test vias near C42, C43 and enable the amplifier IC:

APRS receive only iGate howto with Dreamcatcher

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cool… I may have to look at a dreamcatcher … later :slight_smile:

i wonder if YAAC would run on it on Java too :slight_smile: