Attenna issues and lnb issues

well ive been having issues with the dual band antenna i cant figure out if its the antenna or the os since i have now wiped and re-imaged the sd card and i be-leave its the lnb. i will hopefully be swapping it out tomorrow to confirm my suspicions

Was the correct LNB chosen in the menu?

Yes it was which was the othernet dual band

What issues are you having?

There is an issue… that the othernet lnb does NOT have a sticker or identification . This is going to cause ongoing problems on the frequency and lnb tuner setup.

I have no lock and haven’t moved the lnb this point has given me a snr in the -9.5db at it’s current position but now that it’s acted up it has gone to nothing see attached picture

@ac8dg The dual band LNB is not branded, but it does have a sticker which shows the specs (LO frequencies, etc).

@tylerhoot Could you try a reboot?

I have rebooted multiple times now

Strange. If it’s a faulty LNB, we will definitely replace it.

Sounds like a plan since this was one of the first beta lnb when you were giving them out for free

By the way Tyler, have you checked the continuity of the black RF cable that runs from the Dreamcatcher board to the LNB? I have found on 2 occasions an open on the center conductor where it breaks off under the black rubber cover. It is invisible to the eye and gives the same results you are seeing. Just a thought. Ken

No I have not but I will do that now and update the post when I do it since it goes through a screen on a window

What do the Diagnostics say (in the Log Viewer) about the LNB connectivity?

this should help tell the story as pictures tell more info then me typing it all out

does any one have any clues why this is happening ?

Confirmed its the LNB i just swapped back in the maverick for the universal single lnb and i am working again. @Syed