Attn Syed - Unhappy Lantern backers on SatelliteGuys

There are a group of several early supporters on the SatelliteGuys forum that are unhappy that they have received nothing from their initial investment.

The recent discussion about their frustration begins with post #44 at this link:

Although I was not an early supporter, many of my friends there are. I think it would be nice if Syed could make things right for them.

A response over there is requested.


I fully agree with you that it is silly that they are selling kits to anyone for $99 and not sending
a ready built version of the same thing to early crowdfunders.

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The indiegogo update page explains everything.

We’ve let people know that they can exchange the kit for a Lantern, but that’s really not a great trade. Relatively few people have taken us up on the offer. The ready-built version is running into supply chain issues because the CHIPs are so hard to source. To fulfill the IGG campaign, we need to buy in a 5000-lot.

If we weren’t selling kits, there would be no Outernet.

Thanks Syed, your response today over at SatelliteGuys is appreciated.

Hopefully the CHIPs will become available again.


I’m very happy to wait

Just wasn’t receiving any update for some reason when you were posting to indie gogo

No problem as long as we are kept up to date as you get more information

@Syed I’d like to exchange my kit for a lantern, but only when the final version is out! I’m going to continue beta testing until the end!

BTW, scrolling through anything with scrollbars doesn’t work very well on any device.
I suggest that you implement a host-system-side scroll bar so that I can scroll and click/drag through the content.
Also, if the window updates at any time, you get pushed back to the top. It’s really annoying on a small screen in the tuner tab.

@Jacob_Lysinger I think my phrasing was confusing. What I meant to say was that anyone who paid for a Lantern could choose to trade that order in for a DIY Kit. We have probably had about a hundred or so people do that so far.

Unfortunately, kits can not be traded in for Lanterns.