Audio content and Schedule


I noticed there hasn’t been an entry in the Content category for a while now, and most of the ones that are here are old so I will add my two cents worth.

I would most like to have a weekly schedule of the audio content delivered as a text file. Regarding the content, ditch the music, it doesn’t come through well at all. As for the old radio programs they are okay, but not really my cup of tea. I would like to hear audio book content. There are a lot of public domain audio books available now. Many news and opinion articles are available in audio format now and if not, there is software that will translate text into audio format. This is where a schedule would be nice. For example, a whole audio book can’t be broadcast all at once, it would have to be broken up by time or chapter so it would be good to know when the next installment will be broadcast.

If possible, I would like to see more timely weather information. In particular, a radar image of precipitation, possible comprising an hourly screenshot which would then allow for tracking the progression of oncoming rain/snow.


I think that GOES satellite imagery would be a great addition to the content schedule, possibly with enhancements to show rain/precipitation etc. Maybe imagery from other geostationary weather satellites with similar positions as the ones broadcasting data so the imagery would be relavent to the areas receiving it. Examples would be Meteosat for Europe, GOES for the Americas, and Himawari-8 for Asia.


Public domain audio books are a great idea.
FYI, we discontinued the Old Time Radio. Right now it’s a 24/7 feed of VOA Global English news. We may bring Associated Press into the mix, but they have very little precorded audio, so we would stories to be read and recorded.