Audio Feed + News / Weather

Love the solid audio feed…but…

Following maths problems being read etc… no so helpful. Especially with no link to the specific lesson being talked about…

How about a cycle? News / Weather on the hour? BBC/NPR? Anything? 24/7 lessons without a solid link to the visuals = useless.

Would love to see News on the hour… or every 30 minutes… Then pickup where Kahn left off?

Is the problem finding a license free news source?

Can this be solved with an agreement with NPR or BBC or something?

2nd… A TON of us have been asking for weather feeds. NOAA HRIT - GOES 16/17 satellite hi res feeds are FREE Can’t argue that bandwidth is an issue. Please give us at least hourly LIVE satellite images of the US area. It’s out there for the taking… Our tax dollars at work… Please use it!!!

How can we help?


I also wonder that in the future might Dreamcatcher could be a good backup broadcast solution for situations like Hurricane Florence… Even after the storm has gone there will be days or weeks without electricity service. One would need an approximately 100W solar cell, battery pack for charging phones and Dreamcatcher and thats all.

@Abhishek @Syed

Another idea: Flags for Kahn, News, Weather, Alert Warnings by area (SAME code), Alerts for matching callsign in APRS messages. A notification when a new set of data comes in (all of next days GRIBs are finished)

Let us toggle audio we want to hear.

Example: I’m not interested in Kahn…or News, but want to know if someone sends me a message in APRS or if there is a NWS storm warning and a tornado coming.

I could toggle APRS for my callsign (just a filter) and the unit Beeps when a message comes that matches the string I set… on that line I could set my SAME code for my city.

When National Weather Service sends out a warning, that code matches the filter and again, beep beep beep

Useful. Practical. I think easy to code?

At least the ham APRS message thing, and a new page to toggle audio content should be an easy test of all this that wouldn’t involve tons of time.

The notification could just be a audio file of a beep. The user could select how many times it plays. e.g. Once for new APRS message… persistent under certain conditions (SAME code - Tornado coming)


I do like the audio stream now. No stuttering or drop outs. Khan math lessons and others are very clear. Is there a way to send the live audio stream to the user SD card plugged into the DC and save a session to a file? Right now I’m experimenting with Audacity and it does capture the stream and I can save and export it as MP3. But, don’t know if I copy it to the DC SD card, it could be played from the DC.

I now noticed a prior post saying there is no provision to save an audio stream on the DC. So using Audacity will be my solution for now.

Is @Abhishek still broadcasting VOA news summaries on the hour? I’m away from my Dreamcatcher and don’t have the audio feed via my remote connection. Ken

yes, VOA news digests are still going out every hour.


Great Idea to advertise this relatively new feature. The VOA news casts are during the first 5 minutes of every hour. Automatically integrated into the audio downloads.