Audio Receiving Suggestion

Recently, I have noticed that the audio channel has been set to some sort of schedule, presumably due to the bitrate decrease on the US beam. What if, instead of a continuous stream of audio, audio content was downlinked in bulk and was played back on the Dreamcatcher to have a near-continuous Othernet radio stream, and was able to be used in the same way as the current Othernet radio stream, both over the network and through a direct speaker connection? For example, a package of audio for the hour would be downlinked then played back for the next hour or so, and while the previous audio was still playing, another audio package was downloaded? Are there technical reasons this isn’t practical, such as file sizes?


You could do that but the result would be the same as if it was streamed. The only benefits you would have with downloading first is the content could be played back whenever the user wanted and a potential for higher bitrates. An hour long 10kbps audio stream will use the same bandwidth as an hour long audio file at 10kbps.