Available to help with OS and package compiling and testing on Dreamcatcher

Happy to help with compiling/testing packages, software, OS for Dreamcatcher. Current job is tech support for a linux virtual appliance running open and closed code software pulling from an in-house repository fed from up-stream repositories plus our proprietary code. I have extensive Linux experience, including on embedded systems, i.e. I have 7 RaspberryPi’s running here doing various things. I also have been playing with SDR’s for a couple years now and have several configurations and antennas available for testing.

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Sounds like you are going to enjoy Outernet. The bit with Outernet that always gives me a kick is that the Data comes from Outer-space and I built the kit to do it.

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@kf4hzu were just talking about this. What we’re working towards is an image that includes allows the user to start enjoying the radio right out of the gates. This would be something similar to Skywave Linux. It could be that Skywave is a good starting point.

Let’s not forget the importance of documentation and tutorials.

Documentation, the bane of all developer’s existances :smiley:

Ah ya…not just dev…all of IT for the most part…the one thing I never liked about any IT job I held. :slight_smile: Though its much easier to write as you create rather than have to do it retroactively IMO, which was usually the case I was stuck in.