Avenger LNBF showing as not connected

Hey all,

My Avenger PLL321S-2 appears to have no connection. The board boots fine, everything checks on the tuner page, but I have nothing on the status. The logs show the msg below:

[ OK ] Bias-T is configured on: 0x08
[ OK ] Bias-T voltage is set to 13V
[FAIL] No/Very little current flowing on the Bias-T: Is your LNB connected? : 0x00
[FAIL] Bias-T Voltage out of range: check your power supply, cable shorts etc

Any suggestions or recommendations? I also did a reset, and put in a new sd card with similar results.
Is it time to buy a replacement?

Did you check the Connection to the LNB? Does the LNB work with a TV receiver or something else?

What type of power supply are you using?

Thank you both for your feed back. I had a feeling USB power cable.

I had similar problem. Turned out to be Internet Explorer. Don’t use IE.