Back online after failed HDStar tuner

I am back online after a failure of my HDStar tuner. I purchased it directly from Alibaba. It looks like the power supply internal to the tuner failed. I could get the tuner to come on when plugged in via USB, but it would not power on via the adapter supplied. I tried another adapter, and it did not power up. The RasPi would not power the tuner up properly from its USB port - likely not enough current for the tuner/LNB.

And, as many already know, the $40 HDStar tuner from Alibaba is no longer available.

So, I purchased the one from Outerenet in the sexy Outernet plastic case. It is just back on line, with the antenna in a permanent location:

I am running 0.2.8 - is this the latest release? I have been away for a while - is there anything we are evaluating in particular in this build?

I should be permanently on Galaxy as a receiver - the status page should have at least 1 receiver shown form now on!


OK - I spoke a bit too soon about successfully getting back on line.

After 20 minutes or so after rebooting the Pi, I noticed that all the LEDs on the Pi are out, except the red power light. This indicates a pretty complete crash of the system.

A hard reboot of the system brings it back up and it seems to be working OK again. Then, after 20 minutes or so, it crashes again.

I have saved the system log and application log while the system was operating, but once it crashes, the logs are gone … correct? Or, can I mount the SD card and look for the latest logs there?


I am now looking at the system lo

Yes, the third partition should contain the log directory.

Unfortunately, the third partition would not mount. When I repaired it so I could mount it, there were no logs … obviously some corruption has happened.

I don’t think I can get any useful troubleshooting info, so I am gong to reload 0.2.8 and start over.

I will keep you posted …


Thanks. We’re a bit tied up right now, but will look into this.