Bad weather at uplink

We were alerted by the teleport that extremely bad weather at the uplink is causing a significant loss of signal strength. They expect it to last another 2-3 hours.

Its is doubtful anyone will get a lock during this.

Saw my poor little dreamcatcher had “nothing to do” most of the day. Looks like a news pack is now be received

Update… the news pack is dated 2018-8-11… so an old file… just old stuff arriving

I havent’ gotten any new content since a buncha weather data at 12:30 am PDT.
But my signal strength is good and it shows packet downlink… so… ???

Must be something wrong at HQ… My news feeds are all from 8-11 or earlier also… My Rssi, SNR, etc. are all in the good areas… Valid packets down to 87%, however…

Incidentally, the weather at the uplink didn’t seem to affect the signals, excepting for the carousel seems to not be getting new news feeds… Weather is up to date…

Received signal is much higher today (8/14/2018) then I have ever seen it. Maybe the propagation… but I’d say the SES-2 is better power focused.

Salt Lake City, UT, Dreamcatcher v.3.02Q with aluminum 8 x 4 x 2 cone: Since the alert from @Abhishek (Bad weather at uplink) and as of this morning (11:40 AM EDT) I have seen about a 3 dB improvement in SNR, (now at -7.5 vice -10.5 to -11) valid packets are back at 100%. It appears to now be receiving news dated 8-14 and all other functions running normally.

The way I see it there was no data on the uplink until this morning. The link quality as I see it from my “tuner” app on skylark was fine all along. Anyhow I guess, all’s well that ends well.

Getting good data again.


New news coming thru in Annapolis, D. Ken