Bandwidth vs quantity of information

I remember FTP over email which took several email attachments to get all the pieces to reassemble a zip file. This project reminds me of the Nabu system which broadcast games years ago. One reason they failed was that the network couldn’t keep up with game speeds, can the bandwidth now keep up with the information explosion?

So i was informed shortly after moving this that it was so offtopic as to be moved, but when i saw the post it seemed that it warranted it’s own discussion considering the title of the other was debian vs ubuntu.

I think that this is a relevant question, but at the same time the information being put into the service is intend to be selected to accomodate the different levels of broadcast we’ll have. There is an infinite amount of information, but the important part is educating people (young and old) who don’t have access to the basic knowledge that’s prevalent where the infrastructure for internet exists.