Banking concerns

Maybe I’m only concerned Because I’m American and in my county our laws and everything important is being destroyed by greed… Including the world’s health. One of the biggest contributions to this destruction are banks. I saw in your promo video that the world bank is a major contributors. What’s to keep them from talking control and destroying the integrity of your vision?

Don’t you think your statement is a bit hyperbolic? Everything isn’t being destroyed, by greed or anything else. Somethings are getting better, somethings are getting worse. But, on balance, things are getting better. You must have a sense of proportion about these things. One hundred years ago most people didn’t have indoor plumbing. Now we’re discussing free internet distribution via satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

The World Bank project never moved forward. It was vetoed by the host country, who had no interest in free, uncensored information access for its citizens.

Which host country was that?