Basic Questions and Expansion Of Outernet within a Small Community

There are a few questions in my mind which I wanted to clear out. I am sure people have asked this time and again but I am new and I wasn’t able to find the right answers on the forum.

a. Is this LEO, MEO or GEO?
b. If its LEO is there a time during which the satellite data is available?
c. If we connect ten people to a single Lighthouse is it doable? Meaning i am getting 80~98k bps and if ten people are using it wouldn’t the download stream go slow?

The answer to question c which I am proposing is the concept of torrents. A webpage hosted on the Rpi which will communicate with these ten users fetch the data that they have already downloaded from the Satellite so that redundant data isn’t being downloaded again and again by each and every user. I want the lighthouse to act as a proxy server too. But the memory limitation is 16 GB.
Initially I want to save data on the proxy Server i.e. the light house once the data exceeds 10 GB or even 12 GB limit it starts to shed off the old data.
Secondly the same web page will have a download section on which the community ( by community i mean ten people who are using that one lighthouse) will decide which content should be downloaded. If there are three popular downloadable contents from the community the one with the highest amounts of likes will be downloaded first.

After I get the LH I want to try this out. I want the forums opinion on this. In the end I want multiple clusters where each cluster has it’s own LH but only the content which hasn’t been downloaded is downloaded through the satellite if the content is available locally the local content is used. In short I want to make a whole library for a single village which is dispersed across the whole village on different devices but the main centered point of connection is the web application. Thinking of making an android application too.
I don’t want to add external storage to the Rpi or maybe I would do, but in the end the scenario will occur where the data will be shed. Also I don’t want to introduce more current load on the LH as the LH will be getting powered by a Solar Panel system.
I might be really wrong here so I need the forums input on this.

This gives me the impression you’re not familiar with the service. You cannot decide what to download from the Lighthouse. Lighthouses receive a one way stream, meaning there is no return path.

So the LightHouse will have all the content that is on the Satellite?

Correct. It’s a stream that broadcasts content continuously, looping. The stream is decoded and the files are saved on the Lighthouse. Users are then able to access the files through the Librarian interface.

When the LH memory is full what happens then?

You are able to remove files from the storage or add your own external drive. Have a look around the forum, all of this information and more is present.

One caveat is, if the storage fills up completely before you attach external storage, the downloads may still stop. In that case, you would have to physically remove files (there is currently no option to move files from the interface).