Beginner luck first attempt Seeking Advice and understanding

Hello everyone,

First of all, I’m quite new to amateur radio and satellite pointing, and I’ve been facing some challenges that I hope more experienced members here can help me with.

Poor reception skills : I’ve been using a Bullseye LNB and a coax cable of less than 5m with a Dreamcatcher 2301 orientated to Astra 3B (I am leaving in EU) at the default frequency of 1907 MHz. The best RSSI I’ve managed was between 100-99 and the SNR was around -12/-13, but I haven’t been able to reproduce these results consistently.

I’m considering whether using a 35cm camping dish could potentially improve my reception or assist with better orientation. Currently, I’m using a satellite app finder for alignment. Has anyone had experience with a setup similar to this, and could a smaller dish be effective?

Today, I’ve tried to download files, especially during better weather conditions (it was mildly cloudy today), but with no success. Is there a specific time that broadcasts of new files occur, or should I be able to receive data any time? Also, how frequently are the news or files refreshed? During my first attempt I was able to download 1 week old news.

For those interested, I’ve documented my attempts and setup in a YouTube video ( This isn’t promotional; rather, I believe that sharing experiences can benefit others in the community. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I feel the project deserves more exposure.

I’m eager to learn and improve my setup based on your advice and feedback. Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi, i’m using a 35 cm dish …bare lnb do not work( at least for me, here in rome)…

it is raining and the signal is not good but normally it is locked and about 10 snr (db)
Enjoy the sat

ps: no, the files are sending all over the 24 hours

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I still need to figure out the dish I will buy. If I can I will prefer to buy it second hand.

For the content, I did see there was an issue related to the news, it was updated: Still receiving content from April 14 with dreamcatcher in May 2024 - #4 by stvcmty