Bluetooth Antenna Add On

Anyone have any suggestions on how to mod the C.H.I.P’s Wifi/BT board to allow for the addition of an external antenna? I have identified the right pin on the chip (correct me if I am wrong), however I see no antenna on the board of the C.H.I.P, nor can I tell exactly where that pin goes. Obviously any on built in on-PCB antenna would need to have its traces cut before coax is soldered in its place. Because the PCB of the C.H.I.P is a very dark black it makes it hard to really see where things go and follow traces.

My plan is to add a short pigtail with an SMA connector on the end that is attached to an external WiFi antenna. I need the little bit of extra distance so I can leave the unit outside in an enclosure and have the signal make it into the house. See this picture I made up.

Obviously anyone who does this assumes the risk of breaking the C.H.I.P, or transmitting out of FCC specifications for Wifi/BT… Of course we will all be testing our final setup for proper power output to keep it legal :slight_smile:

Replying to my own post… Found this on git. if you go down to the page: SDIO Wifi/BT you can see that this may not be as easy as i thought…seems they are doing a lot more after that pin than just etching an antenna on the board. WiFi and BT split up?[v1_0]/CHIP_v1_0_SCHEMATIC_20151203.pdf