Bought back in 2014, but never received

I supported and bought this, as it was back in 2014, on indiegogo but never received nothing.
What is happened?

Thanks for your support and sorry for the extreme delay in delivering your perk. We’re still working on that product. The broadcast network is up and running (just ask anyone on this forum). The Lantern has been much more problematic to produce. The biggest issue right now is that we’re having trouble sourcing the compute module.

We haven’t forgotten about our backers. We’re just a small team steadily pecking away at all of the work that needs to be done.

Once, i asked what is happening through email and you answered me, that you are sending it out, but not for my country… My country is Slovenia, part of European Union, well known member…

good to know, I have been waiting patiently. I haven’t gotten any updates in a while.

We send out the backer updates over email, through IndieGogo. Is it possible they are going to your spam box? The most recent update was sent about a week ago.

I’m in the same boat Syed. I joined the original crowd fund but never received anything. Got an email at some point asking if i was ok receiving a prototype kit, to which i answered affirmatively. Never got any other communication. I checked spam and such. What is the situation now?