Bringing back important Resources to the Outernet Website

Hello everyone,

I realy like the way Outrernet is developing in the moment with Dreamcatcher and so on, but I think that removing important resources is extremely stupid!

A lot of people use the DIY Kit in different forms, but all images and instructions are not longer available on the Outernet website. Just Why? That’s so anoying!

@Syed Please restore / add again the instructions and images (Skylark/Librarian) for the DIY Kit to the Outernet website. Also please bring up the archive again.

Also: Why is there no info at all about Outernet in general on the Website?


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Since the channel will see a significant reduction in size, some of the content types and use cases will no longer be valid. The old information will go back up as soon as the new channel is solidified.

Which new and old channel do you mean?

Will there be a new type of Signal with a new decoder or what? Any release date yet?

How about putting a link to a github or so with skylark and so on in the top of the Forum?


The current channel is 5 kHz wide, but we need to reduce the bandwidth. The new channel will be smaller, but we are still working on the details with Inmarsat. If the channel gets too small, yes, the waveform will be different. When that changes, we’ll definitely be releasing a new decoder. No release date yet, but the change will definitely be this month–or at the very latest next month.

The reason we no longer mention anything related to our channel on the website is because it is in a state of flux. As soon as it all finalizes, then we’ll be back to normal.

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Ok great :slight_smile: So the old Skylark images will work with the Signal when everything workes as planned?
Also how much bandwidth (20MB at the moment) would an even smaller channel be?

But please uplaod the images of skylark somewhere and share it with all users that already have an Outernet kit like me. If my CHIP corrupts his filesystem, i would have no chance to flash it in the Moment. A google Drive link or so would be more than enough. Just pin it to the Forum or so.


I agree with Syed about the channel reduction. Cost is a big driver in Outernet operation and we need to be able to preserve a constant transmission of vital data (such as Weather, News, and APRS). Allot of vital information can be sent (and resent as needed) in a day at a reduced data rate.

The other area worth exploration is power levels. I know I have been able to reliably receive SNRs well over 10 dB, but not everybody is as fortunate. A 3 dB reduction in satellite transmit power in what Outernet buys from Inmarsat may make a big $$ difference to Outernet, and not adversely effect our reception. Ken

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I never got over 10db from alphasat thathas way lower power as far as i know.

But i would be interested how much power each sat has @Syed :slight_smile:

So with a smaller stream we could get more power for the same cost or get the same power for way less. Both is great i would say.


If we reduce the channel bandwidth by 50%, then we can do the same to the power–while maintaining the exact same SNR we have now.

Presumably by doing that, you may be able to achieve significant Outernet cost savings while maintaining current content. Ken

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There is a “life lesson” here for everyone IMHO.
DON’T rely upon files being “on the web” or “in the cloud”, but if you think they are important, download them and keep them local … I , for example, always download and keep image files like the Skylark .OVA file. It is nice that someone has put up a dropbox link to the “missing” files :slight_smile:
the Clown (sorry CLOUD) is where things should be for backup, not the primary place of storage, despite what all the SAAS companies may like to tell you.
Anyone who is interested in getting data directly from a satellite ( also opposed to from the interwebs) should understand that the (compute/Internet) systems we rely upon all the time are really very fragile :slight_smile:
(Note, I also send email via HF radio etc. LOL!)

That’s why I decided to download the entire archive in February. I knew that someday they wouldn’t be available anymore and would be needed.