Broadcast resumed after glitch

Outernet Brodcast has been interrupted for the past few days due to a glitch on the broadcast side. We’re still looking into what happened, but steps have already been taken to ensure these glitches are discovered earlier.

As part of the fix, we needed to re-broadcast most of the content. We’re sorry for confusion this might have caused to many of our users. I’m just kidding, there aren’t that many. But we’re definitely sorry if this is annoying the hell out of you right now.

Meanwhile, if you are using using the home-made receiver, please make sure Librarian is updated to v0.1a5.1 which was released a few moments ago (as of this writing).

Due to most of the content being rebroadcast, the older versions of Librarian will create duplicate entries for any content you add that already exists in the library. The new version fixes this bug and we’ve released it ahead of schedule because of this rebroadcast.

I haven’t yet tested, but there is a good chance updating to the new version will also remove any duplicates you may already have if you’re installing this after having imported rebroadcast content.