Broken Display Dreamcatcher 3.03

I have finally made it back stateside and ready to get to tinkering now that I’ll have coverage!
Unfortunate, my Dreamcatcher’s screen broke in transit and I am unable to reset the configuration to login to Skylark 5.05 as “othernet”.

I took a look at the screen on using the following model (ER-TFTM024-3)

Easy to find, however, the configuration of the screen requires some more information before checking out. The information I am requesting is the interface type (Pin-header FFC 8080 16-bit, etc), the power requirement (5v or 3.3v). I obviously need the touch screen and no front chip.

Any help would be amazing!
I’m glad to be back and working with you all again!

This is the correct config:


Thanks - - I have one broken screen too. Ken

Thank you so much for the quick reply! Order is in!
This is a great reference just in case it happens to others.

Marcel, who did you buy the touch screen from, and what was the pin configuration you ordered? Ken


I bought my replacement screen using the following link and referred to the image provided by Abhishek in a post above for the correct configuration.

  • INTERFACE - Pin Header Connection 4-wire SPI
  • TOUCH PANEL - 2.4" Resistive Touch Panel with Controller
  • FONT CHIP - Leave Blank

I got the express DHL shipping and have it up and running since this morning (EST).


Great - - thanks for that info. Now I can proceed. Ken

did either of you have this problem when ordering from buydisplay? I just received my replacement and it is slanted as hell. I reached out to the company, awaiting their reply.

I didn’t buy a new display. Ken