Browse contents over regular internet?

Hi All.

Is there any way a person could just view what’s currently being served by the satellite over the regular internet?

I’d like to just have a look at what’s currently in the outernet package and evaluate whether I would like to invest in the gear/etc required to get this going for real.

Perhaps I could download the package as a zip or something to peruse it?

I understand the servers/etc required to serve this full time to the internet could be expensive so maybe this doesn’t exist?

Not at all difficult, anyone can connect an Outernet receiver to internet and you can look what it is offering.
I have mine available on HAMNET which is a section of internet. Maybe someone else will tell you
the address of their receiver so you can look at it.

have fun


Thanks so much!


Mine is available on but only to users on HAMNET/AMPRnet.
( address)

I’ve updated to the latest release (4.4). I re-uploaded some of the old files (Wikipedia, Community Content, Games, Weather) just to have something there to start with. Enjoy!