Building a on the go system

so iv been building a on the go system for using using a expandable dish im building it for multiple uses such as Outernet Connection, VHF/UHF, Sat connections and of course TV … the dish is 40cm when it is opened flat and I have revived Outernet Signal from that using a normal LNB just fine.

iv built a nice housing for Raspberry Pi and Receiver so its now a all in one and can run off internal battery and recharged with solar panel on top similar to the lighthouse in a way…

what im looking for now is a LNB, not just a bog standered one, a small one so it can be trasported in a small system like the dish and fast deployed… i know they exist iv seen small ones not bigger then a old nokia phone that was picking up Sat TV from around the world… but i cant find one recently… anyone got an idea of one that i can search for…

also have the dish made out of old sat dishes cut and welded with hinges… been looking at the idea of getting a pop up aluminum camera light, have read on reddit they can work aswell…

The Idea behind this is, i can go to an event such as Concert or something, pull this system out of a Backpack and set it up somewhere so everyone can connect to it in the area.


I would be very interested in seeing some photos of your setup. Sounds very exciting.

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yeah sure im in the UK at the moment on work, will be back at the workshop monday, will post then

can say i got my idea for the dish from here

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actually just thinking at this, if i was to buy a few of these and weld expanding plates end to end it should be able to expand into a larger solid dish… from what would look like a tube to a large dish

Have you seen this?

We originally tried to get in touch with these guys but language barrier and stuff… didn’t work out.

didnt see that before

dont see how that would be a hard system to build … looks like aluminum mesh warped around bent struts, attached to a base with small motors… the only thing id be confused about is the antenna they have in the center … from rough translation he says its for mobile phones in a disaster… so im guessing the antenna is for that, but i dont see how if a small LMB was found it could be adapted instead of the antenna…

go next level with it, a ardiuno program could be wrote with motors to make the Dish automatically Align using a GPS head… that would make the kit bigger but could be designed as a plugin system, so each peace fits together.

this suport Ku bands ?

thats pretty cool… but costs abit and is big… im trying to build something on the cheap and be about the size of a pringals tube when packed…

just taught of a cheaper way using a cheap pound land umbrella and aluminum mesh for screen doors as a pop up dish


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is that from a magazine … cause thats a magazine id like to read :slight_smile: … its always hard to find a good magazine with stuff like that

This is sorta the idea I had =

this maybe cheaper =

So i was in Ikea yesterday and came across a veg steamer … got me thinking… This set up in the picture just pulled in outernet and started downloading data … signal wasnt grate but still got it…

Veg Steamer €2 in ikea Bargin Bin
bendable Phone Holder €2 Local Chinese Phone shop
KU band LNB €3 For China on ebay
universal camera Tripod €2 local bargin shop
1 meter coax cable with connectors €1

I dont think i can make an dish to get the outernet any cheaper …

Also Must add… HDstar and Raspberry pi cost near 100 so im not counting that im only taking dish


Can you tell us the diameter of the veg steamer. Also post a screen capture of the settings page so we can get the idea about your new setup. :slight_smile:

the diameter goes out to 38cm’s as far as i know its the large sized one there was 3 sizes in ikea … il do the settings tomorrow as im running out to college now … but I was connected to 13.0E Hot bird not grate cause i was using my phones GPS to line it up and it lined up passing trough trees so il try a better way or position tomorrow and get a screen cap…

everybody saying min is meant to be 60cms but im getting it on the 38cm dish… got it on the 40 perfect, thats in the hacker space so i need to go get that and do photos of that

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I tried to connect a spare LNB to my existing dish more adjacent to the LNB holder. I got the signal but no signal lock. Later I realized that it only works when I attach the LNB to the holder. For other positions it doesn’t work.