Building a receiver with a Raspberry PI 3

I am trying to build a receiver based on a Raspberry Pi 3 board. I need a list of hardware and where to purchase. I am also looking for the newest image to download and burn onto an SD card. Any help would be appreciated.


Brad Jackson

So I’m assuming you’ve already got the Pi3, then you’ll need this antenna: and an RTL-SDR that has an integrated BIAS-T such as: (there are other options as well) and a cable like this: The image for the rPi3 is up here:


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i had a very quick p[lay with the raspberry Image and it booted but from memory got stuck looking for a “TTY serial” connection .

Let us know how far you get.

I had success using the parts I mentioned above, also worked with the NooElec L-Band LNA and the older style patch antenna. Console may look stuck (I don’t remember) but the UI and wifi AP came up fine for me.

Hello, I am currently using that combination rpi 3b + Nooelec LNA and rtl-sdr v3 with a helical antenna home and works very well, if there is anything in can help here I am.

DUH It turns out the Outernet Raspberry Pi3 Image does not work on the Raspberry PI2.

But when I put it into the RPI3 it all worked perfectly.

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I’m planning on building a box with a raspberry pi 3, is the information in the DIY kit documentation enough? Any suggestions or issues that you have run into?

I’ll be using this and an SDR dongle:

Thank you

Make sure you have a recent RTL-SDR dongle that can have the “Bias T” turn on.

Make a water proof box of some description.

Or set up a test system under a veranda etc.

Aiming the satellite antenna is important.

Make the USB lead from the Raspberry Pi to the RTL dongle no longer than 6 feet to start with.

Get at least a 2 amp power supply for raspberry Pi. The RTL dongle will draw approx 200 ma.

Boot raspberry pi with the Outernet Raspberry Pi 3 image.

The Pi should boot and you will have a WiFi hotspot to log into.

Remember this is a old image of Outernet software but it will get you started.

So far there is no talk of releasing a updated Outernet software for Raspberry pi.

If you like the Outernet you might be better upgrading to a Dreamcatcher board.


Thank you for the info, I had half of the hardware on hand and wanted to try the cheaper alternative to see if this is something worth continuing with. Does the information continually stream the same 20Mb a day? How often does the information update?


Hi, outernet delivery about 10 mb per day (weather data, wikipedia articles, news, aprs messages) reading the posts in the different categories you will find more information.

I am looking for the newest image of the Outernet for a Raspberry pi 3. The links I have found come up 404 page not found. Could you let me know what link you used for the image software?



Look at the post # 2 and you will find the link…

Got it going!!! :smile: Just sitting here watching the packets climb, currently at 1251 and climbing. SNR is around 7. How long before the magic happens? I’m assuming 24hrs?

hey Alessandro,

is it possible for you to share with me information on finding a suitable antenna, or making one?

Othernet hasn’t been available on L-Band for some years, and is moving to satellite…

There’s still plenty on L-Band to decode