Bundles, RSS feeds, and Pageshot

This originally was going to go into the firmware release post, but it got too long.

Bundles have been discussed before, but I’m going to take a minute to rant about how great it is they’re finally released. The main thing we get out of them is it will allow us to make use of the RSS feeder that i have revitalized over the past month or so. Essentially, large numbers of files and missing files in content have been a major concern. Also Unicode support can make things tricky. With the creation of bundles, folders will be named in a way that you know what is coming down from the ONDD plugin yet also unpack to the full Unicode file path.

With the incredible help of the Mozilla Pageshot team, I have managed to use Pageshot for the purposes of retrieving RSS articles. The significance of this, is any RSS feed with the majority (or even just a few, any broken links are skipped) of URLs being compatible with Firefox’s reader view can be easily and efficiently accepted.

They accepted our pull request for a server that listens for HTTP requests (functional from something as simple as cURL) and takes as big a shot as possible. This has paved the way to use Pageshot as a backend server. For those versed in JavaScript, see the code here. It definitely needs some more work, specifically in the autoshot function. Pull requests to the Outernet fork are welcome for the server and associated functions.

TL;DR: RSS feed are back in action, and they’re better than ever.

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