C.H.I.P. computer board models

I’m not one who waits long for hardware. So, the delay in getting the CHIP boards made me look into other models. Next Thing Company makes two versions, the CHIP, and the CHIP Pro. As far as I can tell only the CHIP can currently run Skylark. RAM and Storage is much less on the CHIP Pro.

Feature C.H.I.P / C.H.I.P Pro
RAM 512 MB / 256 MB

So, I guess I will be waiting for the CHIP boards to arrive before trying out Skylark.

I’m not sure what the problem with the RbPi3 boards is for Outernet. Until recently, I had one running for over a year logging GOES (EMWIN) down link data. (A much higher data volume than Outernet.) I have never had any corruption problems. My software was pretty simple, only a couple C programs and a family of ksh scripts. No fancy postgress database since the Linux directory system is a database in itself. I’d rewrite the outernet code to work this way if I had time. (There is an interesting GNU Radio project at “http://gnuradio.org/blog/reverse-engineering-outernet/” that provides details on how to demodulate and decode the outernet down link. I have this working.) That would be a start to rolling your own system code.

– Rich @ wc8j

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No problem with Raspberry Pi 3. To get a better understanding it’s not just a “click” to enable that platform but the whole OS should be ported to that platform. As Outernet is a small team yet: simply no resources to develop and maintain paralel platforms (yet).

But as Syed said here everyone welcome to make the challenge, the code available on github.