C.H.I.P. static wireless IP

Has anyone been able to successfully set a static IP on the wireless interface on the CHIP?

I have a netgear router and I let the CHIP request a DHCP but I make the router assign a static address to its MAC address.

In your router look at the LAN setup. It’s likely once a device DHCP’s in and has a random address you can tell that device that the next time you want it to get a specific address. Some routers may need you do decrease the DHCP open range before this option is available.

I use this for my RasPi that is an Asterix VOip PBX here at home. That way all of the extensions know where to talk to even if they come in over the tunnel. Nothing says lovin like 4 trunks of incoming calls for free. Thanks Google Voice.


thank you for the reply. I agree with you fully on how to implement this. did that long ago. I think my “frustration” if you can call it that is the fact that due to the problems with the wifi driver and hardware / software for it that resides on the CHIP.

Basically in my dealings with it… The wifi chip seems to go into sleep mode or power saving mode. This is problematic because then you can’t reach your outernet receiver over its provided wifi link. It forces us to have to bridge the connection with our router. Which btw is a PITA because not every situation / installation / implementation gives us the opportunity to have a router dishing out DHCP addresses. This could be solved by allowing us the ability to manipulate the network stack (as well as other “Linux” commands) by being able to setup a simple static IP that was persistent.

I believe the outernet staff has determined the wifi module on the CHIP is not up to snuff and have addressed it going forward. so, these band aids / hickups etc will likely be put to rest in the future. Just trying to survive it until then.:grin:

I wish I knew enough to do a port of RXOS Skylark to the RPI.
So, for the last 15 hours or so I have not been able to establish any sort of connection to the CHIP. reflashed numerous times etc etc etc. Until the CHIP issues are resolved I will be forced to go back to the RPI (Not an OUTERNET team issue, I believe its the CHIP manufacturers issue)
Just switched the CHIP out for the trusty RPI.

Instant connection. No dropped wireless links, no sleep mode etc. It just works. I much prefer the Skylark UI but until I can purchase a CHIP that works consistently I will have to settle for the Librarian UI on the PI