Can anyone recieve a signal on 978 Mhz?

I’m trying to receive weather information transmitted through FIS-B(Flight Information Broadcast). The FAA’s FAQ page clearly says that the data is transmitted over 978 Mhz ( When I look at the waterfall generated at the frequency I get absolutely nothing above the noise floor besides what I think is a spur at around 979.2 Mhz. The broadcast is for the US only. It is supposed to be a continuous stream of information, can someone take a look at the water fall around 978Mhz and see if they can see a signal? .

that system is only in the U.S. , so I can’t help…
As it is designed for aircraft to receive it may not be easy to receive on the ground unless you are very close to the ground station, and there is nothing in the way at that frequency …
maybe it might help?

Apparently the transmitters focus the signal above the horizon, so a reliable signal cannot be received if you are close to the ground.

some might get a balloon or kite and can put a repeater station to it, streaming RF back to ground via OpenWebRX on a wifi stream for example :slight_smile: