Can i use hackrf for all othernet purposes?

i want to look into othernet and it looks seriously interesting. But i wanted to know if the hackrf with the right antenna can do everything the othernet hardware can do and how hard it is to adapt the software to work with hackrf?

It might be easy for me getting an current hackrf as i know people who would lend me one, but it looks like the othernet hardware is not easy to come by? also i can minimize the hardware lying around :slight_smile:

If you are really keen on catching packets, there are still some used Dreamcatchers available. As I mentioned in another thread that discussed a similar idea (using an rtlsdr instead of hackrf), you’ll need a bias-tee, as well as a software demodulator that can receive at very low SNR. On top of that, the code probably needs modifying to support the non-sub-GHz parameters that we use.