Can Raspberry Pi 2 be L-Band Receiver

Can a Raspberry Pi 2 be L-Band Receiver. We have a couple of spare Raspberry Pi 2 here but no Raspberry Pi 3 or CHIP computers.

So in the mean time could a Raspberry Pi 2 be configured to run the L-Band decoding software?

Is there any update or beta of the Linux L-Band decoder?

Yes, we can do all of the above.

For a Pi that is running Raspbian, check this out.

For a laptop/desktop running some flavor of Linux (64-bit), this is what you need to review.

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I have a Pi Model 2B running Raspbian and have gotten the software installed after adding --pre to the Librarian pip command. One of the modules it downloads and installs is marked as preliminary.

Config files in docs are missing lines to make them usable. Getting examples from GitHub repository helped, but I can not get fsal to start:

ConfigurationFormatError: Configuration error in section [database]: missing ‘name’ setting

What value should be added for the “name” parameter?

Received some files this morning but without indexer web page not completely working.



Glad to see that you are getting files. We haven’t tested Librarian on Pi2 lately (at least I haven’t).

@andrean Can you fire up your old B+ to see what the problem is?