Can this work with a Odroid-C2?

I got a Odroid-C2 it is like the PI but more RAM and faster.

Is there some way to install the Outernet on this?

Maybe install there Linux Ubuntu on the Odroid-C2 then some script can install Outernet? Not sure maybe a like a “apt install outernet”

-Raymond Day

I think you can I found this webpage but have to try and do it yet.

-Raymond Day

Worked on doing this but I get errors. Here is my command line:

[email protected]:/media/128GB/install-outernet/outernet-linux-lband-master# ls
bin README.txt sdrids.txt
ca.crt COPYING.StarSDR ONDD_LICENSE.txt SDR100_LICENSE.txt Vagrantfile
COPYING docs sdr.d
[email protected]:/media/128GB/install-outernet/outernet-linux-lband-master# ./
Installing bin/ -> /usr/local/bin/demod
Installing bin/ -> /usr/local/bin/demod-presets
Installing bin/ -> /usr/local/bin/decoder
Installing -> /usr/local/share/outernet/presets
Installing bin/ondd-2.2.0 -> /usr/local/bin/ondd
Installing bin/sdr100-1.0.4 -> /usr/local/bin/sdr100
Installing bin/rtl_biast -> /usr/local/bin/rtl_biast
Installing sdr.d/starsdr-mirics/ -> /usr/local/sdr.d/starsdr-mirics/
Installing sdr.d/starsdr-mirics/ -> /usr/local/sdr.d/starsdr-mirics/
Installing sdr.d/starsdr-rtlsdr/ -> /usr/local/sdr.d/starsdr-rtlsdr/
Installing sdr.d/starsdr-rtlsdr/ -> /usr/local/sdr.d/starsdr-rtlsdr/
Installing sdrids.txt -> /usr/local/share/outernet/sdrids.txt
Installing COPYING -> /usr/local/share/outernet/COPYING
Installing ONDD_LICENSE.txt -> /usr/local/share/outernet/ONDD_LICENSE.txt
Installing SDR100_LICENSE.txt -> /usr/local/share/outernet/SDR100_LICENSE.txt
Installing COPYING.StarSDR -> /usr/local/share/outernet/COPYING.StarSDR
Installing ca.crt -> /usr/local/share/outernet/ca.crt
Configuring scripts

By default radios are only accessible as root.
In order to use the radios as non-root user, udev must be configured.

Would you like to configure udev? [Y/n]
Generating udev rules
Linking /etc/udev/rules.d/99-sdr.rules -> /usr/local/share/outernet/99-sdr.rules

NOTE: You will need to reconnect your radio.

Choose cache and download paths

Download cache path [/var/spool/ondd]:

Download storage path [/srv/downloads]:

Create download paths? [Y/n]
Created download paths
[email protected]:/media/128GB/install-outernet/outernet-linux-lband-master# demod-presets americas
Attempting to remove driver 'rtl2830’
sudo: rmmmod: command not found
Attempting to remove driver 'rtl2832’
sudo: rmmmod: command not found
/usr/local/bin/rtl_biast: 1: /usr/local/bin/rtl_biast: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting “)”)
/usr/local/bin/sdr100: 1: /usr/local/bin/sdr100: Syntax error: “(” unexpected
[email protected]:/media/128GB/install-outernet/outernet-linux-lband-master#

-Raymond Day

I guess it’s the 3 m’s in a row. “rmmmod” should be “rmmod” right? But they have to fix that I can’t.

-Raymond Day

Did the command it wanted by hand like this:

[email protected]:/media/128GB/install-outernet/outernet-linux-lband-master# sudo rmmod rt12830
rmmod: ERROR: Module rt12830 is not currently loaded
[email protected]:/media/128GB/install-outernet/outernet-linux-lband-master#

So the 3 m’s in that command must be wrong. Are they going to fix this?

It does see the Outernet on the USB because can do a lsusb and get this:

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:2838 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL2838 DVB-T

tomorrow should get a PI 3 in the mail so can just put a image on it and should work.

I want to do this because I did not wright down the log in code when I set it up.

Got the chip on my Linux server but it errors like this:

waiting for fel…TIMEOUT
ERROR: please jumper your CHIP in FEL mode then power on

I know I have the FEL and ground on it and it’s a good USB cable. Only have USB 3.0 on my Linux server so I guess that’s why.

-Raymond Day