Can use outernet wifi in yemen

first i thanks outernet for free internet
and i have qustion :
Is outernet will works in yemen and how i connect to internet by mobile or Alfa adapter or must buy Satellite necessary

and what time this servics will works in yemen

and which offical page for outernet in facebook
thank you

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Yes, Outernet will definitely work in Yemen. We will be releasing instructions on how to connect to Outernet as the system develops. I’m not sure what an Alfa adapter is, but I doubt it will be necessary to receive the broadcast data.

We are hoping to begin some testing this summer, but that alpha-version may not include Yemen. We’ll have more information in the coming weeks.

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thank you very much

Alfa i mean can connect internet with use
ALFA 802.11g Hight Power
Wireless USB Adapter

and GALXY mobile

Excellent. I hope to receive Internet service. We were bored of the internet service in Yemen

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