Cannot log into Dreamcatcher 3.05 with 'othernet' user

After reflashing the OS SD card for use with Skylark 5.8, I cannot log into the device with the ‘othernet’ user and ‘othernet’ password to configure the device.

The device boots, I can connect to the ‘othernet’ AP though with no issue. I can log in using the ‘guest’ user as well.

To further troubleshoot this issue, I have done the following:

I have connected the USB port to a hub, then on that hub I have the EDUP USB NIC as well as a USB wired NIC. I am able to start a SSH session to the Dreamcatcher, but again, the ‘othernet’ user with the ‘othernet’ password does not work.

Has this password changed? Is there a way to manually reset the password for the ‘othernet’ user?

Hi Marc,
You might try three presses of PB1. This will do a “factory reset” and the Dreamcatcher will be like new out of the box again. You will need to go in through the access point and start over. Also see the user’s manual by @kenbarbi Ken:



Hi Jerry,

Because the card was freshly imaged with v5.8, I did not even think to perform the factory reset. After pressing PB1 three times, the device did reset, and I am now able to log in using the ‘othernet’ credentials.

Thank you!

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If you were just updating then the configuration isnt overwritten.

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I repartitioned then formatted the SD card. I prefer the wipe and load method better than updating for any device I use. This prevents me from having to troubleshoot my own changes.