Capabilities of Dreamcatcher for RV

I am looking into OtherNet for internet access for an RV. My apologies is my questions are redundant…

What are the bandwidth capabilities of OtherNet? I saw somewhere that for ‘chat’, two boards are required. Can it stream video, do FaceTime or Skype?

What are the geographic limits?

I’m assuming Dreamcatcher 3 will still function, even if it is end of life, and Dreamcatcher 4/5 are in development…

Hi Jim - - Othernet won’t do two way service. It is essentially a Short Wave Radio via Ku Band satellite. Content provided by Othernet in Chicago is sent up to the satellites and rebroadcast down to Dreamcatcher terminals. You can look at my Dreamcatcher which I have port fowarded as to get an idea about what you can receive.

I think what you want is full internet capability in an RV environment. If so, I suggest you look at Cellular alternatives such as that provides unlimited/unthrottled 4G service data-only service thru AT&T or TMobile in the US for about $130 per month. Download rates are on the order of 7 to 10 MB/sec - - quite adequate for streaming YouTubeTV, Fubo, Hulu or Kodi. You would have to select either of the carriers based on where you plan to go and how good their service is in that area. I have found AT&T to be most available in the US when I use my Smartphone for internet access.

Companies like provide devices that serve as Hotspot WIFIs and also have ethernet connections to connect to your router should you have one. Ken

You could also try StarLink which is the new LEO based satellite service from Elon Musk. $100pm unlimited with speeds at about 300mbps. They have an RV plan too. Equipment runs at $500 for the dish and a wifi hardware.

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