Chat Application

Hi All,
Sorry if i am newbie here, I have question regarding chat application.
How the chat application works with 2 othernet kits, assuming that the LNBs only receive, how the message are transmitted ? Many thanks in advance.

Do you have a 3.03 or 3.05 version of Dreamcatcher? With 3.03 make sure you are connected to the LNB-SMA, but remove the actual LNB. Add an antenna and follow the instructions on GitHub using the patched version from @Tysonpower.

The Dreamcatcher board uses a LoRa radio chipset that has TX capabilities too that can be leveraged for experimental purposes when not being used to receive Ku-band satellite signals. Suggest you go to for a very good video discussion of the Dreamcatcher Chat Application. Ken

Here is the Link for the Chat App with fixed Mixer Code:

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Many thanks for reply, i have no idea, i just bought the kit recently, i was just curious how it is possible to chat for long distances , more than 15km within the range of Lora communications.

Many thanks for reply, i will go and read and watch the video. Cheers

Many thanks for reply and for the link. Cheers