CHIP No Show Should I Cancel?

Well, I’m back. Still no CHIP from The Next Thing Company. Has anyone received a board lately? I’ve been waiting almost 6 months. Maybe I should sign up for the new $99 Receiver Kit? I would appreciate an update on the still great idea of Internet for all. I had an RPi as the computer, the patch, the LNA, and SDR. RPI is now removed, and the all other stuff I have kind of laying around.
Don … W6RWN

I have seen a few posts on NTC forums, saying they received their order. The order numbers were in the 30000s though. I wouldn’t cancel though. Even if you get the new dreamcatcher board you can always sell the CHIP when it arrives, for a decent profit. I don’t expect any more CHIPs from NTC for at least a year, while they design and produce CHIP 2.0.

I see. Better info from you than from CHIP support. They just say don’t worry, we have your order number. We will ship soon. I must have sent 5 or more emails, all with the same reply.

When will Dream Catcher board be available?

I’m not sure.

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I ordered a CHIP from the next thing company in late december of 2016 and received it in late April 2017 (—and it works fine, having flashed it with the outernet flasher on a VM).