CHIP stability status and fun with a Dish

Hi everyone,

I would like to collect some status reports of CHIPs running on Outernet.
There where a lot of issues with heat and instability reported some time ago.

Iā€™m running a CHIP myself with the SDRx and Patch Antenna in my 3D printed Case.

It has an uptime of 133 days now and works fine. I also decoded over 6,8 million packets successfully :slight_smile:

I also had some fun with a Dish(80cm) with a LBand feed I build for something else recently.
I got a SNR of over 15db from Alphasat (weakest sat of the three) with the old Outernet LNA and the Dreamcatcher.
The Dish was not pointed directly at the sat (about 5Ā° off) because there was a house in the way.

The normal SNR of my Setup at my window is around 2.5-4.5db when pointed at the sat, without any obstruction in the way.


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