CHIP Warning (and out of Outernet)

I can understand why they chose to bail on the Pi, though I wish they had told me that when I bought the rest of the stuff I’d need a CHIP. I can understand that they can’t sell the CHIP without the rest of the system, though again, it would be nice if they had said that upfront. But the latest is the new CHIPs you CAN buy online won’t be supported because they need a different flasher that Outernet will not support. It isn’t the choices, it is the lack of transparency that has pissed me off, so I’m done.

So if anyone wants the antenna, RTL-SDR, and preamp (and two CHIPs that are fine but won’t work on Outernet), email me ([email protected]).

Just to correct the record:

thats not correct. The “new” CHIP 1.0 that NTC is shipping have different hardware and thus don’t currently work with the Skylark beta. Support will come.

Again, typical of the poor communication. By private email I was told “And cause no revisions/markers/IDs were changed by the manufacturer, its not possible to detect this difference at flash time. And all this work - all of it - is literally just one guy: me. So maintaining a build for Chip, which is what our own board is based on (so not optional), “new” CHIP 1.0s (that just started randomly showing up) and for RpI3 with its constant sdcard corruption - its simply not possible.” I think anyone would agree “simply not possible” is very different from “support will come”. Even thios news that support will come doesn’t change the fact I’ve had enough.

But the gear has already been given away, so no more emails about it please.

There are other ways to do it than detect it at flash time.

You chose to break off that email chain or it would have become clear.

Its also extremely bad form to post private conversations publicly.

Communication works both ways. All the info you were “missing” was on the forum post regarding the Skylark beta - the one pinned at the top.

In any case, I am done taking abuse from you. The reply was meant only to correct that bit of misinformation.