CHIP won't start after updating Frequency


after trying to Change the Frequency like @zoltan described here: Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down
my CHIP won’t start up. The booth LEDs stay on all the time. They don’t flash and I don’t find a WIFI Network.

Interestingly the file as zoltan described, doesn’t exist on my CHIP. I had one with this filename in the /etc folder but not under /mnt/conf/etc. After changing the Custom Frequency in the file /etc/skylark_conf.json, saving the file, closed and watched again if it is saved correct, I rebooted. After the reboot, the file was the same as before editing. Then I did the Same again, but additionally created the file under /mnt/conf/etc/ and rebooted, the CHIP doesn’t start anymore. Now, what I have to do? I’m not the best in this.



im not using a chip, but on the DC the /etc/skylark_config.json file is overwritten when rebooting… when you edit the /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json make sure that you didnt forget a quote, comma or other structure as it will prevent it from parsing. particularly since its storing settings such as wifi configs… it certainly can prevent it from coming back as normal…


try flashing with the latest image:

Hello nbkhwjm,

when I tried to edit this file, I only opened a new file because this doesn’t exist.

Interesting. In only have the /etc/skylark_config.json and as you said, it got overwritten when rebooting.

Does this image work on the C.H.I.P? I only ask because there is written Dreamcatcher. But i don’t have the Dreamcatcher.


@Zoltan. How about a tested image for thr CHIP ?

This will be my next question. Is there a tested CHIP Image or does the Dreamcatcher Image on the CHIP work as well?


Im not sure what changed with with CHIP to DC, so I cant answer for sure whats going on, but i think we need to be sure that the skylark_config.json file you have is actually correct.

you stated that yours was missing, so did you just add the “custom” part to a blank file, or did you copy the /etc/skylark_config.json to /mnt/conf/etc and edit that?

you can do a pseudo syntax check on a json file by using “jq”

jq -C < /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

if its correct, then it should print our the contents of the file in color (if your terminal supports that), otherwise an error…

Try that…


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yes, it was missing. I don’t have this file under the /mnt/conf/etc. Because of that I’ve done a

sudo find / | grep skylark_config.json

The find command list up all files on the chip but with the grep it only shows me anything that has skylark_config.json in its name. Then I found the File /etc/skylark_config.json. I opened it in the VI editor (i hate this editor :wink: ) and it looking after the lines with the code on zoltan’s post. Then I edited only the numbers in the Custom section. Saved the file, doing the sync command to write onto the CHIPs flash and opened the file again and checked if its saved. After reboot, it gots overwritten.

Then I do the same again and then opened a blank skylark_config.json under /mnt/conf/etc/ and only copy and paste the custom section (i know I’m dumb and eventually have to copy the whole file. But I forgot this.) in the file. Saved, do the sync command, rebooted and now nothing happens.

I’ve started the CHIP now and it blinks. But the WIFI doesn’t come up and over USB I get a CDC Composite device.


do this…

cp /etc/skylark_config.json /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

then edit the file in /mnt/conf/etc

sudo vi /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

after that then do a check on the file you just edited…

jq -C . < /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

look in the output of that command to make sure your changes are there…

then reboot…

if its still busted, im at a loss…


PS: if you think VI is bad, you should try EMACS… :slight_smile:

First, I have to find a way to connect to the CHIP.

I successfully managed to connect to the CHIP. My Laptop with Ubuntu used this as a Network Connection, so i can connect over SSH. Copied the file from /etc to /mnt/conf/etc and when i want to do the syntaxcheck i only get a permission denied (screenshot)

But the CHIP is booting just fine. If needed i can give you the Log files.

Thank you very much!


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you need to do jq with SUDO like the vi command

Done it with sudo. Look in the Screenshot above.

And the Chip is back on business. Got up to 6.7 SNR behind the Window.

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COOL! ok now lets see how stable it is… reboot it…


done this 3 times now. Working like bevore :wink:


An image for DreamCatcher wouldn’t necessarily be useful for someone still using a CHIP, though.

then try the latest CHIP image with updated frequency: