Combat agains poaching in Africa: can the outernet help?

I found in a special googlegroup this short introduction of a “really serious” problem, in this case in Africa:

Chris Nicholas
greetings -

I am working with a number of parks in Africa on tech to combat poaching. These folks need all the help they can get, trust me…

A perennial problem has been communications for devices like:

but based on really cheap modified toys:

or Android devices programmed to “listen” for the distinctive acoustic signature of gunshots, chainsaws, etc. to signal park rangers;

I was intrigued when I read about the integrated Arduino APRS module for high altitude balloons, ; it got me thinking about using a transceiver and enhancing the code for digipeating, and voila! here you folks are… :slight_smile:

I started to thinking about the possible ways, how can help in this problems with the outernet technology.
Maybe, we can discuss a little about it.
At least it is a small help to broadcast this web pages… and others, for example:

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I think the most straightforward way for Outernet today is to publish this information and give people as much data as possible to replicate the existing solutions. As for establishing comm networks, I think it’s still a bit outside what we can do today, until maybe we have a flock of cubes in the sky.

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So: are there any informations, how this planed sats (first time 3 cubesats) will working? In other words, have them a direct access to the “uplink” for immediate “broadcast” some contents? In technical terms will them working in “store-and-forward” mode? Or will broadcast some previously recorded contents on board? This features have a tremendous possibilities.