Communication with software

Hi guys is here chance use on this “Lantern” Skype communication with my friends? or only i recieved messages and dont sending messages?


You can’t use Skype, even for just receiving messages.

Oh ok… and is here chance create packet sender for future?

What do you mean?

if i can for future comunication with my friends on skype.

This is actually shockingly related to my post.
I think he means that, at some point (not immediately of course), will there be the option to send packets and data between users over the Outernet, sort of like the Internet?

No. That is not part of the objective.

To my understanding, the objective is to provide information to those who don’t have it. However, they also mentioned, after that goal is complete, they may be able to provide a two-way internet. Has this future goal been disregarded now?

If you can specifically reference that this will be easier.
There is a plan for two way communication, however it is far down the line and will not be anywhere near as rapid and efficient as internet communication. My understanding for that goal is that it is so people who use outernet who may not have internet can voice their opinions on what data is relevant to them, not to pass messages around to users.

Ok, if i used Outernet. I only read websides, download files etc… but doesnt for yet any communication from my side to other servers.

Maybe not skype, but some form of two-way communication might be possible one day. The biggest hurdle is real-time communication, and that’s really not one of our goals.

Not at all.

I imagine anything even approaching real time would be dificult.

I understand… but communication is big step for free internet “Outernet”.

I was referring to a response to a FAQ on

"Does Outernet ever plan to offer Internet service?

Some day we do intend to offer two-way Internet access; maybe sooner than we had previously thought."

So I suppose my real question is, if what you’re saying is true, to what extent is that response legitimate?
Going back to my post a bit, if this is an attainable goal, I have some ideas on how this project can receive some funding.

Edit: After seeing some recent responses, perhaps a more updated question is, provided the funding, do you think that after the information database two-way internet have been established, that real-time is attainable?

It is absolutly out of my experience to say difinitively, but it seems extremely hard considering the content carousel system as it is, along side making sure whatever’s been broadcast isn’t problematic in some way.
My understanding is that there is no desire for a high volume upload, the only interest is in the ability to communicate with those making use of the service with no other method to communicate with the archive curators. @branko can you confirm?

With current technology, yeah, it’s impossible to support real-time use cases even if we had two-way communication. That doesn’t mean we won’t change the technology once we do have two-way communication, but, as I said, real-time isn’t a priority until everyone has access to information.

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Hmm, okay. On the hypothetical finished product with two way communication, is it possible for one user to communicate with exactly one other user, or is it only possible for information to be sent up then broadcasted to all?

Only broadcast to all. That’s the nature of the current broadcast’s anonymity. No way to select clients.

Even on the two-way internet? I feel as though this technology could accomplish a lot more, but is being hindered by being limited to just distribution of information. I understand that that is the primary objective, and by no means am I saying to get rid of it, I’m just curious as to what happens after that goal is reached. I have some really ambitious ideas as to where this can go, but it would require some future steps that I’m not sure are attainable or not.

I think the issue is it is possible in terms of does the technology exists, but what the company is specifically interested in is getting information to people. After that goal is accomplished i’m sure some energy will be directed towards other possible uses of the infrastructure.