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The new and improved Uplink Center is up and running. Well, it’s really not that different from the old one, thought it is a bit more simplified. The real difference between the new and old Uplink Center is that approved community uploads are automatically scheduled for delivery every day at 12:01AM - Chicago (is that right, @Ben?).

Now that the Lighthouse/ORx software is pretty stable, we’ll be spending a lot more time on community-oriented features, such as uploading content, review, scheduling, and so on. Feel free to make any relevant suggestions here.

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No, the exact time is currently 2359 CT (0559 UTC).

Community Upload Works Fine

I tested out the new Community Upload Link on Outernet’s web site at and it works fine. The PDF I posted on the Zika Virus took 2 days to appear from when I sent it in.

The only suggestion I would make is to provide a means to upload files larger than the 3 MB upper limit, but I suppose I understand why there is a limit. Ken

We could certainly bump it up to see how it goes, but we’re adding more features to the Uplink Center, so probably after that.

Is community upload working? I haven’t seen anything new since February and I have submitted stuff. Is using this link the correct way to so so?: Also what happens to all the fields on the form? Are they used for something or just ignored?

Upload is working.

We are currently changing the way we upload files, and adding some sanity checks and barriers to the server so we don’t end up shooting ourselves in the foot (again).

Currently they are only stored in the database. The intention is to have them merged into files where possible (e.g., adding ID3 tags to mp3 files, EXIF to jpeg, etc).

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Is there any way to submit content at the moment? above page gives a 404

Sorry about that, it should be up now.

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Thanks Branko… Still giving a 404 at the moment though

It appears it’s an intermittent error. We’re in the process or rolling out a new version, so it should be better once that’s deployed.

Is this still an option? Link isn’t working. Thx.

No, that was disabled a few years ago. We are hoping to bring it back this summer.

Thanks. That would be awesome. Also, it would be cool if you added an Othernet RSS feed to the news section. Something that updated the community on events, etc. I don’t know if this forum supports feeds, but you could even drive it via a section on this forum? Just a thought.

I am a strong supporter of just that, so that there are other sources of information to be broadcast. Ken

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