Complete Package

This all looks like something I would like to operate but wouldnt it be nice if one could just buy a complete package all together, a case, LNA, antenna I mean everything needed to hook up and start running is that possible?


Great news!!

Three questions @Syed Syed, can I use my existing LiPo battery as a back up? Did you have any luck developing the case you talked about? Are you including a vetted USB charging cable - - or do I have to use another short fast charge Belkin cable with a 2 amp wall wart?

I’ll put the Dreamcatcher into my Clear Covered Alpha Lantern case to carry around when I get it. I just placed my order. Ken

We are sticking power over USB, so the LiPo with the JST won’t work. I’ll have pictures of the case tomorrow, but pretty bad. It was a hinged design, which allowed for a larger solar panel, but it ended up being way too thick. Of course, we already saw this in CAD, but after cutting it out and holding it, it’s even more apparent. We’ll need to stick to the 2W panel, unfortunately.

We do have a source of reliable cables, which will eventually be included.

OK good - - for now I will stick with my reliable short Belkin quick charge cables. Ken