Connect to the Outernet with ABS-2 Satellite

The following image shows ABS-2 Satellite India beam. You can get approximately 48-51 dBW according to the footprint map. Note that this is a Ku Band beam. Please post your comments to this thread about your experience in ABS-2 Satellite reception, hacks for better signal reception and suggestions.

Tune in to 11734H with ABS-2 SAT for Outernet.

Today I purchased a new Satellite Receiver to point my dish antenna correctly and to verify the presence of OuternetChannel

The product name is DIGIQuest. It is a DVB-S2 HD receiver. Cost is 8500 LKR.

Even in the heavy rain I was able to point and tune the antenna for 74.9 E / 11734 H. It took nearly 10 mins to setup. Now I can watch all the Free TV channels listed in the previous post’s screen capture. Also the Outernet Channel is there.

Using this kind of tuner will help you to tune/align the antenna to get the best signal strength/quality. Then you can connect the LNB to your Geniatech HDStar tuner.

The setup is very simple. The factory settings had only ABS-1 75E. So I created a new satellite with satellite location, frequency and symbol rate. Then did a channel scan. That’s all. Because of the rain, I did only a rough antenna alignment but It is also working.

See below pics.

Outernet Channel : quality is low because of the rough alignment.

Watching Doordarshan (DD National)

ABS Logo.

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Dish Setup: ABS-2 at 74.9E