Connecting a raspberry pi b+ to be an outernet receiver

If I currently have a raspberry pi b+ that is disused (since I got the model 2B) what is the best way to connect it to the outernet?

I would only need to connect it to my laptop, which can then broadcast the signal to my other devices from the Raspberry Pi!

I assume, therefore, that I would only need a tuner. Could anyone sggest wich tuner would be best to use for this operation?

Thank you in advance!

HD Star are available in the outernet store,

Do you know if they are avaliable on sites like too?

They are not, but that’s not a good idea. We have some stock we could send there.

If you do want to sell your products on sites like amazon or ebay, you only have to fill out small amounts of information to get on there. You should be able to regester with them really easily and hen open your product to a larger part of the internet! (It also makes shipping prices much cheaper for you)!