Core archive rebroadcast

Following features implemented in Librarian v0.1a6, the entire core archive has been rebroadcast. If you are still using the older version of Librarian, it is still possible to consume the rebroadcast content, but the information that is lost during import (adding to library) cannot (currently) be restored by upgrading to the new version later.

It is highly recommended that you update Librarian to newest version before adding the rebroadcast content to the library.

Some content has changed their IDs (identifiers used internally by Librarian to uniquely identify a piece of content). Such content is now broadcast with replaces metadata which allows Librarian v0.1a6 and later to swap out the old content for new one. The download page now shows the title (and link) for content that is going to be replaced.

See this topic for more information about the latest release: