Coverage for INDONESIA/Island of Java

Greetings, I’m a satellite enthusiast from Indonesia I lived in Island of Java and interested on trying on testing the Outernet. What is the coverage status for Indonesia? Which band/satellite should I use?

FYI, at the moment I have 6 feet solid dish installed and well pointed to AsiaSat5, please advise what hardware should I prepare to started with Outernet.

Warm regards,
Sindhu Kurnia

We are using L-band, so you need only a small helical or air gap patch antenna.

The details of the satellite and frequencies can be found here:

Thanks for your reply @Syed, that mean the appropriate tuner is the E4000 based dongle right?

Thanks again.

You can always buy the E4000 radio that we have on Amazon. Doing so supports our work and helps to feed the satellite. However, if you are in Indonesia, that is probably not an option.

In that case, I would suggest buying the official RTL-SDR Blog SDR, which uses the R820T2, instead of the Elonics E4000. We’ve heavily tested that radio and it works very well. Any RTL-dongle should do, but the radio must drive an external amplifier and also have a TCXO.

Any recommendation for the LNA? In term of perfomance and its availabilty for me in Indonesia, what about LNA4ALL?

LNA4ALL is a wideband LNA and provides slightly less than the required gain. You can try it, but I can’t guarantee results.

Have you test this for outernet? It’s E4000 with TCXO dongle, I think theoretically it should performs better than R820Ts dongle.

Yes, it performs well.