Ctrl-F - Disabling the search box hotkey

I love you guys and it’s really thoughtful to have Ctrl-F bring up the forum search box but is there anyway I can disable it? It’s getting in the way of the regular find feature built into Chrome.

What browser are you on? I wasn’t even aware the shortcut had been hijacked. I’ll see if it can be disabled, though.

FWIW, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Firefox, where Ctrl+F works as usual, for searching within a page.

I’m in chrome for android. Same hijacking occurs.

That sucks… I can’t locate any setting that turns it off, though, so we might be stuck with it. I’ll ping tech support later if I don’t find it.

Just as I suspected, the use of Ctrl-F seems to be a religious issue for Discourse developers, so we can’t disable it.

You can read more about why here, though, if you’re like me, you’d probably be like “Meh, whatever, just give me an on/off switch, damnit!”

Meh, whatever, just give me an on/off switch, damnit!

Haha, thanks for looking into it. It’s only a minor inconvenience so I’ll learn to live with it.

FWIF, you can Ctrl-F twice to trigger browser’s default behavior.

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